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Sustainable Green Electricity


The JouleBox is an Energy Storage Solution based on Li-ion battery chemistry specifically designed for use with DC appliances.

The JouleBox can be charged from LEC200 up to LEC1500 (or any type of 36 Cell 20Wp to 100Wp PV solar panel with Vmpp of 17.5V).

The JouleBox has 2 universal outputs to supply any DC appliances that can run from 12 to 16VDC source. Typical appliances that can be used with the JouleBox are Sundaya LCD TV of 18” up to 32” and Ceiling fans of 30 up to 70cm diameter.

The JouleBox also has 2 USB ports for charging USB devices like mobile phones and Tablets. Furthermore it is equiped with 2 docks with Bayonet fitting to recharge JouleSticks. 

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Joulebox 500
Joulebox 1000
JB 500
JB 1000
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