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Over 20 million people in Mozambique have still no access to electricity.

Some people in Mozambique only have a few dollars to spend on electricity, JouleStick is the solution for them


JouleStick is a modular system for personal energy. The JouleStick energy module plugs directly into solar panels, light attachments and phone chargers without any cables. The modular nature of the system allows for granular, flexible expansion.

Modular system

The JouleStick is compatible with all other protable Sundaya products. It has the ability to be charged by the sun, with AC-power and through the bayonet fitting on the JouleBox.

Compatible and charging

Sundaya LED lamps and PV panels have a life expectancy of over 20 years, while our fully recyclable Li-ion battery cells will last 5 years. 

Life expectancy

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If you want to more about the JouleStick, please download the JouleStick Datasheet

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