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This is where it all started

Messica Chimoio

It all started with a flight from Sweden to Mozambique, a special vaccination for Ingemar who now is the founder and the chairman of Green Watts. 06.00 the flight left Gothenborg, Sweden towards Maputo, Mozambique. About 24h later Ingemar landed in the country he use to work, back in the 80's. Ingemar was filled with excitment because he wanted to see how the country have developed. He also had another agenda besides his vaccination. Ingemar wanted to do something to help the people of Mozambique, the people he use to live with.

Imagine the African sunrise and the only thing you hear is the birds chirp, that was Ingemar's morning every day when he was the site manager of developing a saw mill and a particle board factory back in the early 1980's.Ingemar worked in Messica Chimoio for three years, which gave him a lot of good memories but also sad ones. It was only six years after the independence and MNR had road blocks etc nearby which sadly cost some workers their life. But the best memory Ingemar have is that everyone was so dedicated to finish the project, everyone was working long days even though they were sad that their college died. That is why Ingemar fell in love with Mozambique and the people of Mozambique. He swore he would be back one day.

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Mozambique 2013

When Ingemar landed in Mozambique in 2013, he did so with nine friends that worked with him during the years in Mozambique in the 80's. They visited Messica who now have become a small village with a hospital and some schools. Ingemar was very happy to see the village and it's development, and he even met some people that worked at the saw mill together with him in the 80's. 

When it was time to go home for the swedes Ingemar decided to stay a couple days more in Maputo, to enjoy the city life in Mozambique with a 2M and some football. He also decided to take the boat over to Inhaca, to do some snorkeling and water safari and here is where Ingemar met Sidonio Noge.

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Ingemar stayed in a lodge on Santa Maria during his time at Inhaca, the lodge where a special guide were working, Sidonio Noge. Sidonio and Ingemar found each other quickly during the Ingemars stay. They spend hours in the car, beach and during dinner talking about life and life plans. Ingemar saw something in Sidonio, and when Ingemar was on his way back to maputo to fly home to Sweden he dropped by the reception to ask for Sidonios number, Ingemar got it and started his journey back home. The whole trip and two weeks he sat and debate how he could help Sidonio, and after a while he decided that if Sidonio wants to go to school and educate him self Ingemar will pay for his school. So he called Sidonio. Sidonio was happy and said of course I want to go to school, transportation and communication technique. Ingemar sent the money for the school fee and Sidonio started his education. 

One morning in Gothenburg Ingemar read the newspaper, and there was a story of a Swedish organisation providing solar powered products in Kenya. Ingemar though ”Hmm.. this could work in Mozambique”, so he contacted Sidonio about the idea. Sidonio analysed the market for this product and a test lamp was bought from U.S.A and delivered to Sidonio. The interest was big in Mozambique so Ingemar was now looking for people back in Sweden to join his idea to start a solar company in Mozambique, he found 5 other Swedish persons that was interested and they founded the company together with Sidonio, Green Watts was now created. 


During the time after the registration Green Watts were looking for a big supplier that creates the best product on the market, they found Sundaya. Sundaya is a company based in Gothenburg and Indonesia, which are producing the best solar products and solutions on the home system market. Green Watts is now the general agent in Mozambique for Sundaya. 

Green Watts

Sidonio Noge 

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